For the hospitality sector, our goal is to give you the wings so you can fly to the infinite of your thoughts and imagination.

Therefore, EL Value Ltd & EL POS Software Solutions have been producing over the past 16 months and now in 2018, we are proud to be selecting 100 customers who will have our ecosystem for FREE, with the promise that they will give us their true analysis of their needs in a simple video.

The name of the suite has been named by the owners’ names, the Eleftheriou family name, which from Greek translates to “freedom” or “free”, in short this is a personal bet to change things for the better, after 20+ years of experience in the most difficult sector, hospitality. The name is also the “EL” angel who has been portrayed as a savvy consultant.

Its success is based in a very simple rule, something that has been eluded by most of the older POS systems. Perspective.

Perspective of who is using the system and the reason why is using that system.

An end customer must be shown respect, so that he or she will continuously trust us with his or her business.

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Why are our Hospitality Software Solutions Beneficial to Your Business?


EL WALLET can be perspectively a different ``set of tools``. For example, to get informed on new offers or events from your favourite store, so you can exclude fake news/offers and also make an order or reservation with ease, with the latest product items or combos. Loyalty points makes it simple to keep track of your earned points and redeemed price rate which you are entitled to.

The ways of payment are cash or credit card and pretty soon wil support cryptocurrencies. That way your customers are always provided with the fastest and cheapest fees in the market.

It also has a built-in chatroom on the notifications section, making it easier for real-time customer support.

In case of property rentals or hotels, e-concierge services are a great asset for any modern company.


If you are a cashier in the store, you need to have a different ``view``, so EL CASHIER can connect your client to you so that the end customer is always served rapidly and with the safety of his EL WALLET profile, whilst all details are scanned from his or her EL WALLET pass, on from the camera scan (no extra software/app needed) on the cashiers' set of tools for walk-in clients. That way, health aspects of your end customers are always processed through the order, while their loyalty point system is automatically updated making her/him happy, which is what we are aiming at. Making life and information easier. If we make it easy for you to fly, our wings will lift your business and your clients.

When you are a manager/store owner, you need a global perspective of the business, like daily charts, X-Z reads, orders received, orders served, orders lost or wasted, time-tracking of staff, food costs, ingredient information, inventory, procurement, daily supplier orders, accounting and that is but a few for keeping an oversight on the flow of daily routine business procedures. All of which should be attended to by your staff. Well, now all of the above can be produced and viewed upon by the ``store manager view`` on EL BACKOFFICE, as we like to call it.


Complete Kitchen Display System, along with Delivery Fleet management


EL WAITER is the point of view of the waiter, the delivery staff who are doing all the leg work constantly without much appreciation. A small smile or a warm ``thank you``, can make the waiter's day better than any tip can, although they usually work for less money and appreciation is welcome in the form of money. With the embedment of EL WALLET you can even give tips even by using earned loyalty points.

Now on to the tech stuff. The waiter can choose an existing client's data and assign that client to an available table, from the tables section view interface on his/her Android or iOS device. Therefore, the kitchen is already notified about various health risks or allergies of the specific client. EL WAITER can then send specific items to the kitchen, helping that way the flow of serving preference of the customer.


An addon for our suite, that manages the orders that are marked for delivery.


EL HOST can be in sync with EL WALLET, which has your reservation in check and informs you directly without the need of hassling you with SMS or phone calls. The simple notifications section in EL WALLET makes it easy for you to respond using a YES or NO.

Further inquiries can be made by the e-concierge function (Q2-18) or the chat function. Upon arrival the hostess will scan your avatar or QR code and help you to your table.


A complete villa / hotel / studios, etc. management tool.

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